Pity Party

The Vetle Lid Larssen novel, I engelens munn turned out to be incredibly irritating and completely useless for my project. He’s an okay enough writer on the level of language, but the plot and characters were so cliché that I could barely stand to read it. I mean come on, does the angelic, virginal girl (surprise! she’s blond!) whom the criminal protagonist falls for really have to fall madly in love with him, to turn out to actually be a virgin, and to be suffering from a tragic, incurable eye disease that will leave her blind, but forever devoted to our hero? (Solvejg, anyone?) Does his best friend really have to die, while he, the smooth operator, apparently gets away with everything? Wish fulfillment, much? Gah!

Next up was the film Når nettene blir lange, which was much more derivative of Thomas Vinterberg’s brilliant Festen than I had remembered. Oh well, at least it is actually useful for this chapter.

Then it was on to the next unknown quantity on my list, Øystein Lønn’s Thomas Ribes femte sak, which is a far better book than I engelens munn, but so far (around 100 pages in) not looking like it’s particularly relevant. It’s looking more and more like Lars Saabye Christensen’s Maskeblomstfamilien is going to be my best bet.

I really, really wanted to write today, but after two full days of it, I guess I needed a break. It made me very anxious, since I feel so under pressure to produce right now, but sometimes you just have to give in and accept the fact that you can’t force this stuff to happen. The ideas need to be in place before you can start refining them on the page, and I honestly didn’t feel like I had any ideas at all today. Maybe it’s the seasonal allergies?


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