Love’s Comedy

It turned out to be well worth my while to spend the day at “Henrik Ibsen: Kærlighedens komedie 150 år” at the National Library today. The seminar was well run, and the six presentations were with one exception very substantial and informative. Some of the really big names in Ibsen scholarship were among the presenters, and the things they focused on–dramaturgy, metaphorical language, the socio-economic and cultural situation in which the text was written, and the text’s intertextual connections to other texts–got me really revved up about the play.

Of course now I have to turn my attention back to my own work. I’m not quite sure what to focus on for tomorrow. I probably have enough material here at home for a day of reading, but I think I should probably go in to campus to take stock and gather more materials for the weekend at home. Monday is yet another school holiday here in Norway, and the university is partly on strike, so I’m not even sure if I would be allowed to work!


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