Yesterday I got the word that the new potential publisher for the Peer Gynt book wants to go ahead and look at the whole manuscript. I don’t actually have it on my computer at home, so I came in to work today to clean it up a bit and send it off. I decided it would be worth the effort to spend the day working through the material on post secularism that I have been wanting to add into the fifth chapter (the one on film adaptations). I read three articles (Jürgen Habermas, John A. McClure, and a very short piece by Simon During) and that was enough to be able to sketch out the contours of the issue enough for that chapter. I do think it strengthens it quite a bit, and also helps me explain why I think Baardsons’s adaptations are so bad and Bræin’s is so good, even though they are both technically “religious” (and I’m decidedly not!). So yay for an even better book manuscript.

Now I’m off to grab a copy of Kjærlighedens komedie and get ready for the seminar tomorrow.

Words written: 525 (which is kind of ridiculous to report, given the book is almost 58,000 words in total, but, hey, I get a perverse pleasure from recording these numbers…)


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