Good grief, today I was all over the place in my reading. I had set aside today as a reading day, since I had an appointment here where I live, and had a stack of reading material along with me to get through. Some of it was just skimming to see if there was anything relevant to the cabin project, so it didn’t take all that long to get through it, but by now, toward the end of the day it’s all jumbled together in my head. I read, skimmed, or glanced at:

  • Cecilie Løveid’s play, Østerrike (1998), which is about Ludwig Wittgenstein in his cabin in Norway
  • the chapter on Norway in a Wittgenstein biography
  • my friend Tanya Thresher’s article on Østerrike
  • a short prose piece by Johannes V. Jensen called “I den nordiske Skov”
  • a couple of reviews of Merethe Lindstrøm’s Steinsamlere (the reason for the sudden interest in Wittgenstein, of all people)
  • some of Conrad Nicolai Schwach’s crazy private autobiography, Erindringer af mit Liv
  • the chapter on the relevant part of Schwach’s life in a biography
  • a book on Johannes Flintoe’s painting
  • the opening chapters of Knut Nærum’s satirical crime novel, Døde men går på ski
Pretty darned random, I’d say. Based on today’s reading there are a few specific things to follow up:
  • Britt Karin Larsen’s Munnen i gresset (1996), which is apparently about a divorced woman who holes up in a cabin to get over the break up?
  • Frankie Shackelford’s article on Wittgenstein in Norwegian novels of the 1990s
  • Kjartan Fløgstad’s Det 7. klima, which apparently also deals with Wittgenstein at Skjolden.

But something has come up, so I’m revising my work plan for this week. Remember my complaint about the Ibsen seminar that had been arranged without advertising it very widely? Well, the organizer very kindly and graciously was willing to let me attend. I’m very excited by the lineup of speakers, and am going to spend tomorrow re-reading Kjærlighedens komedie, which I haven’t read since I took an Ibsen course as a graduate student. There’s going to be a presentation that reference Biedermeier and one that deals with Illustreret Nyhedsblad, both of which are really relevant to things I’m thinking about, so it’s totally worth it to attend, I think.


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