Back to the cabin

Last week I had arranged with a colleague to do a work-in-progress exchange, with our meeting set for early today. I decided to give her my problematic chapter 3 from the cabin book, which I hadn’t even dared to look at after tentatively finishing it off about a month ago. She always gives useful feedback, but this time she really outdid herself with a very careful reading and extremely specific suggestions for improvements. The feedback was so good, and I was so excited about the potential that it unlocked, that I simply had to put off everything else and try a full revision today. It seems to have worked. I did a lot of cutting and rewriting and made some additions, and ended up with only slightly more words on the page, but a vastly improved chapter.

My goal for the rest of the week is a little unclear. Ideally I’d love to finish up the Fruen fra have article, but I’m really feeling cabin stuff coming on pretty strong right now. I’d like to track down those suggestions I got last week at the conference, and maybe even see if I can draft the section on Steinsamlere or part of the introduction. Thankfully, I have no other real commitments for the rest of the week, so I can kind of allow myself to wallow in one or both of my projects at will. Progress on either the article or the book is good, no matter what.

Words written: a net gain of 127, which doesn’t at all reflect the major changes in chapter three!


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