Literature and Death

So the conference on literature and death in Bergen over the weekend was well worth the effort it took to attend, though my own paper was a total flop. I still think the content is some of the better work I’ve done, but there was hardly any response from the audience. Everyone was so exhausted, and so unfamiliar with the text that I don’t think they were able to follow the argument. Please take note: having a keynote address followed by four papers on a Friday afternoon/evening during the semester with no coffee break in between is a very bad idea.

I was the only person from the University of Oslo there, so it was a good opportunity to get to know people from other institutions better. Some I knew from before, but quite a few were new acquaintances. And much to my surprise and delight, quite a few people had good suggestions for the cabin project, so I’m pleased about that.

I’m still trying to finish up the book review. Today and tomorrow are dominated by meetings, and I have one final advising session with my M.A. student to prepare for on Wednesday. Then Thursday is Constitution Day here in Norway, so it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll get any serious work done this week. If I can just get the review out of my hair by the end of the week I’ll be pleased. (I think I wrote that last week too, but let’s politely ignore that.)



2 responses to “Literature and Death

  1. I really wish I could’ve attended the conference. The subject matter alone makes it most intriguing! Will you be posting your paper anywhere that we might get a chance to read it?

    • The longer version of my paper should be out sometime late this year or next year in a collection of articles. The short version may also appear in a proceedings volume based on the conference, though that hasn’t been decided yet. In both cases, I’ll be sure to mention it here on the blog!

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