Today I got through about 100 pages of the book I’m supposed to review. It’s quite dense and complex, and also, unfortunately, kind of illogically constructed. At least the overarching argument doesn’t follow what I would consider to be a logical structure. It kind of feels like two different books mashed together.

I decided I should start drafting my review as a I go along, so as not to forget the main points and my responses to them. On just the introduction and first two chapters I already have 760 words written, which is kind of a bad sign. I’ll probably have to do a fair amount of cutting, but otherwise I risk writing a really superficial review.

One of the things that came up unexpectedly in the book was the question of the role of science in the “postsecular” turn of the past few decades. That is an area  that is way outside of my field of specialization, so this is going to be a real challenge to evaluate. I’m hoping that when the author settles down into the two analysis chapters, I’ll be on firmer ground again.

Words written: 760


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