Today was destined to be a bit choppy, since I wanted to attend the seminar at the Ibsen Centre. Yesterday on my day off I got some reading done on the book I’m reviewing, and this morning before the seminar I got a minute amount of writing done on the Fruen fra havet article. More importantly, though, while waiting around in the Ibsen Centre Library before the seminar started, I stumbled upon a book that I really, really should have read at least three years ago, Svend Christiansen’s Henrik Ibsen and the (sic) Theatre Conventions, a 2006 translation of a Danish monograph from 1983. I don’t know how I missed it! I also seem to have missed John Northam’s book on Ibsen’s dramatic method, so I’ll need to go through both of those before I can move ahead with this article. Suddenly it’s starting to look like a much more difficult project than I originally envisioned…

Words written: 52 (a third of this blog post…)


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