New and improved

Yesterday was, as planed, dedicated entirely to preparing for my job interview. I’ll refrain from writing here about the interview itself, other than to say that it was very exciting and though-provoking.

Although a bit arduous at first, it felt good to get back into the Fruen fra havet article today. Ibsen is more and more starting to feel like my home turf (I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising to me, but I guess it still is). I started out by going back to the Atekst database more systematically to retrieve reviews of the Nationaltheateret productions of the play, and I found some things I missed the first time through. The most important of these was a long article written by Hans Heiberg about the 1952 Gerda Ring production. So far it’s the only source I’ve found for information about the scenography for that staging. I definitely need to go to the National Library newspaper database though, as the Atekst one seems to fall short in a number of areas.

My major goal for writing was to flesh out the section on the sublime in relation to the setting of the second act. There’s still a lot to do there, but I think I’ve reached my limit for today. I’m so intrigued by that second act, and perplexed as to why it is almost entirely ignored in the scholarly reception.

I did some cutting and some small writing here and there, and ended up with a new title (it’s now “Ibsen’s The Lady from the Sea and the Spectacle of Romantic Theater”–“the Spectacle of” is what’s new). In addition to the new paragraph on the sublime, I also cut and changed the conclusion quite a bit to add a piece summing up my thoughts about the performance history. It’s a modest day’s work, but it will have to do, as I really need to take some time to re-read, reflect over, and edit what I have. Per today I have just over 6000 words total, and I think it needs maybe 500-750 more (plus a lot of polishing) to fully work out the argument I want to make. I’m getting there…

Words written: a net gain of 314


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