Walk of shame

Hoo boy. Just about the time I was finishing up chapter four of the cabin book, I got some devastating news about the Peer Gynt book. I won’t go into details on a public blog, but it was very upsetting, and I’m now looking into new options for getting the book published. I experienced a real outpouring of support from my colleagues, though, which helped a lot, and then only a few days later I got called for an interview. That meant that last week was basically a roller coaster of research-related emotions, and thus a wash in terms of productivity. It was really only today that I finally picked up the pieces and started back in on real scholarly work (as opposed to just spinning wheels and related busy work). I feel horribly guilty about letting a whole week slip by as the remaining months of my fellowship are ticking away. No crying over spilt milk though, so I’m forging ahead… (clichés, I’ve got ’em…)

Today’s work was as basic as it gets: going to the library and getting literature on and around what I’m trying to write about, and then reading it. I got a lot of reading done toward the revisions to my Fruen fra havet article, and discovered at least one gaping hole in my knowledge that I need to fill as soon as humanly possible. It was one of those oversights that I’m just so thankful I caught before I went public with my analysis. Too embarrassing to post here (hmm, suddenly the accountability and open-ness of maintaining a public research blog isn’t looking like the brilliant idea I thought it was when I started this…). The good news is that my enthusiasm for the project has increased, and I’m now game for some pretty major revisions of what I originally presented in London back in February. This might just turn into a decent article.

One tangental result of my inability to focus on research in a meaningful way last week is that it compelled me to do some organizing in my office at home. My work space is vastly improved, and just a few small steps from being optimal. I really don’t work well at all in disorder and chaos, so the more of that I can eliminate, the better. Adding a storage unit to house our big laser printer that also gives me additional desk space like I did last week is an enormous help.

Tomorrow my plan is to read everything on spectacle and the sublime that I brought home with me from the library. Wednesday I’ll be on campus to pick up more and maybe do some initial reframing of the article. Thursday I’m dedicating to prepping for my job interview, which is Thursday evening. Friday I hope to spend the entire day revising like crazy. I don’t know if it’s possible to finish it all this week, but that would be great, since I really need to get back into the cabin project asap too.


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