Redoubled effort

Wow! I got in a solid three hours of work this morning before the rest of the family stirred. I started out by going back over Markens grøde again, marking up all the citations I wanted to use and making a list of all the structures that Isak builds on the Sellanraa farm (there are at least ten buildings constructed through the course of the novel). I then picked up from where I left off writing yesterday, which was mostly on Skoggangsmand and started inserting the Markens grøde analysis bits. I totally think this is going to work, and am superduper stoked now to have almost exactly doubled what I did yesterday.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the two articles that claim that Markens grøde is ecocritical, but they’re both at my campus office, so that will have to wait until next week. I’m not sure how much space I’ll actually be able to give a critique of those two analyses, as it’s fairly tangential to my focus on cabins. Hmm… maybe that needs to be a separate article some day…

For the rest of the break I’ll try to read some of the hunting narratives that I downloaded at the National Library. They’re in PDF format, and I need to upload them to my iPad.

Words written: 1245


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