Quick and dirty

For some reason the motivation to get as much done on chapter three as possible was pulsing through me today. I spent much of the weekend reading a biography of Fridtjof Nansen, and quickly discovered that it is the “vinterhi” of the primitive cabin he built with Hjalmar Johansen on an island in Franz Josef Land (and not the family cabin Sørkje at Blefjell) that is the relevant “real” cabin for this chapter. That was enough to get me primed for a bunch of large but very rough additions to the chapter today:

  • first off I rounded off the section on Wergeland’s poem, “Hytten” and am now pretty happy with it.
  • I did some skimming in Nansen’s Fram over Polhavet and found that there’s a bunch of material there I could use to sketch out the introductory paragraph’s on the winter cabin and what it represents. I need to track down some reception of Nansen’s book to find out how people reacted to the cabin, if at all.
  • I decided to add a section on Hans Aanrud’s Sidsel Sidsærk, so I pasted that material in. I had originally planned to use it, but took it out at some point for reasons that are unclear to me now. I’ll leave it for the time being, though I suppose I may end up deleting it again if it doesn’t fit after all.
  • I found a bunch of interesting references that link Nansen to Hamsun and Ibsen, including an article that claims that Ibsen’s irritation over Nansen forms the background for Når vi døde vågner (Ulvhejm being a parody of Nansen…). Some of this went into slightly re-framing the transitional paragraphs between the Nansen bit and the analysis sections in the chapter.

After this frenzy of revision I’m kind of bleary-eyed and wonky, and not at all sure that it’s going to work in the long run, but I’ll let it stand for now. All that’s left during this stage is to finish re-reading Markens grøde to determine whether I can use it or not. I hope to be able to finish it by the end of the day tomorrow. My goal is to have a rough draft completed by Friday. This is purely for bean counting purposes. I do my tally on the first of the month, so I’d like to be able to see good numbers. After I have the pages, I can go back and start polishing with more leisure…

Words written: 1856 (+ an additional 2165 words pasted back in)


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