In the proverbial box

Well, what do you know? I did it! I finished a rough but full draft of chapter four just now. It wasn’t even really all that painful. It came in at 12,482 words, and though I’m sure I’ll find lots and lots that I want to fix on it at a later juncture, I’m calling it done for right now, which, if you don’t mind me saying so, is ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!

I also took a quick look at chapter two, and did some cutting and pasting to see how it would look to move the section on Wergeland’s Hassel-Nødder up as an intro to the chapter. It also occurred to me that I could do the same with Storm’s Døleviser for chapter one as well, though I haven’t done it yet. That would be especially useful, since then it really could function as a kind of prelude to the book, which would then “really” only span 1814-2005, which was my original intention.

Now I think I’m going to start reading Markens grøde, then go out for coffee with a colleague, and then head into town to buy the pair of shoes I promised myself on the day I finished chapter four.

I’m really excited for next week too, as there’s a chance that I might also possibly be able to crank out the rest of chapter three before the end of March, if all goes smoothly. There’s really not all that much more to add there–basically just a Nansen introductory section and one more analysis section, which may end up being Markens grøde instead of the Wanderer trilogy as I’d originally planned.

Words written: lots of cutting and fiddling left me with 748 words more in the document than yesterday


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