So today ended up being a little scattered. It was one of those days where I feel like I have attention deficit disorder, and I had a hard time on following through on any sustained tasks. I started out by pasting the sections on the Larsen novels into chapter four. That brought the chapter up to a total of thirty-six pages, which is already more than projected, so I may just leave it at that. I did track down two texts that I haven’t read yet: Hjørdis Graf Hole’s To hytter, a children’s book from 1961, and Ingar Skrede’s En ganske lang hyttetur from 1970. Neither are readily available, so I had to order them. I forgot to pick up Borgen’s Noveller om kjærlighet, so I’ll have to do that later in the week.

I had a quick chat with a colleague about my new idea of inserting short essay-like sections at the beginning of each chapter that would focus on a specific real cabin owned by a real person: Henrik Wergeland’s cabin at Grønlien, Fridtjof Nansen’s summerhouse Sørkje, Arne Næss’s Tvergastein, and Kjell Inge Røkke’s cabin-palace at Oppdal. Still not sure what to do with the seter chapter, though I have a couple ideas I’m kicking around. My colleague thought it sounded like a really good idea, so I’m going to go forward with it. I picked up some biographies of the major figures, and will start looking for relevant information.

I did a little preliminary writing (maybe 100 words), read a few articles online, and send out a couple of emails to people who looked like they might have leads on things I’m curious about. I’ve already received one response, with an article that refers to Røkke, so that was productive at least.

I also got a response back from one of my colleagues here on the origin of the term De fire store. He traces it back as far as Hamsun’s lectures on Norwegian literature in 1891, so that gives me something concrete to work with.

So, in sum, my head is abuzz with interesting tidbits and ideas, but I wasn’t able to knuckle down and make anything of it just yet. Clearly I need some time to process things.


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