Cabins & computers

For whatever reason, I let myself get distracted by other tasks the first three days of this week, but I feel like I’ve redeemed myself some today by getting back into the cabin book. I finished reading Bull and drafted that section on the interwar chapter, then got a good ways into reading Sneen som falt ifjor. It has been fun to revisit Larsen’s novels. They really are beautifully written, and it makes me a little sad that no one but me seems at all interested in them.

I did my drafting of the I sommer section last week and the Bull section today on my iPad using the iPad version of Apple’s Pages word processing program. Although I don’t think it’s going to replace MS Word for me (some of the publication processes I go through demand it, unfortunately), I have to say that I’m really pleased with how well it’s working to write on the iPad. It far exceeds what I was hoping for when I took the plunge, and I now feel like it really was a legitimate work expense rather than just a gadget to play with.

What I like about drafting documents in Pages is the immediacy. It’s a very pared down program, so there’s nothing in the way really. Of course I really don’t think I could do the writing at all without the addition of a wireless keyboard . That is absolutely essential, as I still find it very difficult to type accurately on the iPad itself. I know they’ve just come out with a new model, but I’m just now starting to really put the iPad II through its paces, so I have no interest in upgrading. At least not for a good long time.

Back to the research, though: on Tuesday I had one of my frequent WIP exchanges with a colleague in my department, which as always was incredibly helpful. She read the paper on Fruen fra havet from London, and was very encouraging about me trying to revise it for publication. She had some good (and quite specific) suggestions for improving it. I think, though, that I’m going to let it sit for a little bit more. I’d really like to be able to finish off chapter 4 entirely by the end of next week. All I have left according to my chapter outline is to finish off Larsen and then add a section on one short story by Johan Borgen.

Words written: 1210


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