“The Four Greats”

Today I somehow got hung up on some tiny little details that ended up keeping me from doing any major writing. I ended up adding only a couple hundred words to the Gunnar Larsen section of chapter four in the cabin book. I hate it when I do this to myself.

What stumped me was the term “de fire store” (the four greats), and when it was first used. It seems pretty certain that it was a marketing ploy by Gyldendal, but I can’t seem to find exactly when it took place. One of my colleagues here thinks it was in 1925 after Norwegian shareholders bought up the Norwegian part of Danish Gyldendal and brought it “home” to Norway. That makes sense, I’m just not finding an exact reference for it. I’ve even looked through Sigurd Evensmo’s Gyldendal og gyldendøler, which is incredibly irritating because he uses the term “de fire store” throughout without giving its origin!

I did also come across an interesting literary term that I had never seen before, “kardinalkapittel” (cardinal chapter), which a colleague used in one of his books. I’ve emailed him to find out more about it, as it seems like it could be very fruitful in describing what’s going on in Larsen’s I sommer and maybe Bull too.

Words written: about 250, though I was too demoralized to count


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