I feel like I frittered away the day today, but I did accomplish a number of small but important tasks that were mostly research (or networking) related. I sent off my Fruen fra havet lecture to a colleague for our upcoming critique session. I emailed copies of my lecture slides to those in the UK who had requested them. I nailed down my teaching for the fall (Nordic crime fiction–watch this space for more on that as I develop the syllabus). And, finally, I got started on the abstract for the conference on the Graphic Novel that I hope to attend in the fall. First thing this morning I went to the National Library to read the first Runde/Moen De fire store book, which I did (I also later ordered a copy of my own and bought Scott McCloud’s classic Understanding Comics from the campus bookstore). I’m definitely going to be looking at the concept of De fire store (“the four greats” which, as I learned today, was actually a marketing campaign launched by Gyldendal) and how Runde and Moen adapt that marketing campaign for a new audience. I think there will be something about archives in this too. Very cloudy still (will McCloud help?). Stay tuned.

Oh, and I woke up this morning to a horrible nightmare about totally blowing a job talk…



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