Ah. What a relief. I finally finished off the revisions to the Ibsen/Byatt article this afternoon, after fumbling with the style guide more than I would have liked. It only took about three solid hours of formatting work, but I’m feeling a bit bug-eyed just the same.

With Bjørnson and Ibsen/Byatt finally off my plate, I now need to do two small tasks before returning to the cabin book. First I need to clean up my Fruen fra havet presentation from London enough so that I can have a colleague look at it with an eye to submitting it for publication (possibly to Modern Drama). Next I need to pull together the abstract for the graphic novel conference in September. The deadline for that is 16 March, so I really need to get my act together. And then of course there’s the job application (for the position that still hasn’t been announced) looming. I’m kind of chipping away at that one in between other tasks, though when the announcement finally comes I’m going to have to drop everything and spend at least a full week on the application.

It seems like I never clear away the short term projects enough to get back fully into the cabin book, which is really starting to worry me. My new goal is to have everything possible out of the way by 15 March (two and a half months after my original goal of 1 January… eep!). I’ve simply got to pound up a solid amount of text by 1 April!


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