Ramping up

I’m not sure if it’s a good sign or not that I’ve been too busy preparing for the London lectures to post here so far this week. Most everything is worked out, though I’m still struggling to get all the bits in place for the first lecture, which is the most formal of the four presentations I’ll be giving. It’s the right length, but I’m still fiddling with what should and should not be included.

Along with the writing I’ve been working on the visual materials, and have mostly had success with making video clips and inserting them into the presentation (thank you, Keynote and QuicktimePro, which makes it so easy; less enthusiastic thanks to Handbreak, which is a little counterintuitive, but still workable–though I do enjoy the popup menu that reads “put down that cocktail, your file is finished encoding” or something like that…). My other slide presentations are coming together too, and I discovered that the presentation I gave on cabins last year has the exact structure I was envisioning for what I was planning to do this time around. I’ve gathered much better visual materials this time around though, so it will be a better presentation, I think. Finally, I’ve been contacting the holders of the copyrights on the photographs I hope to use, to make sure that I actually can use them in my presentations.

I’ll devote tomorrow to finalizing the Fruen fra havet lecture, and Friday to making sure that I get everything in the right format and in multiple forms to take with me, and I’ll also set up everything I’ll need to take with me for the writing I plan to do while I’m in London. I have two specific and rather limited tasks I want to accomplish. The first is a light revision of the Byatt article, which seems to have been accepted for an edited volume, and the second is as much new material for chapter four of the cabin book as I can muster. I’ll be bringing along Sigurd Hoel’s Syndere i sommersol and two of Gunnar Larsen’s short novels (To mistenkelige personer and Week-end i evigheten). It would be great if I could get a working draft of analyses of those three texts going, thought that may be overly ambitious.

Words written: 966 + 775 = 1741


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