Today was rather a plodding day. Alongside trying to work out the technicalities of making film clips (a failure so far), I read two chapters in Toril Moi’s Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism: Art, Theater, Philosophy (2006), and did some writing on the The Lady from the Sea presentation that’s coming up far too quickly. I did some cutting and pasting of relevant quotes and points from a couple of articles (the one on Når vi døde vågner and the one on Ibsen and Fosse). I’m hesitant to do that, since it probably means I won’t be able to work this presentation up into an article afterward (no good publishing something that repeats one’s own previous publications verbatim…), but they’re essential parts of the arguments I’m trying to construct, so there you go.

I’m not super happy with what I have so far, but I’m going to let it lie while I move on to analyzing the visual material (performance stills from the National Theater) to see if I can squeeze anything interesting out of it. That’s the task for early next week, and then with any luck maybe I’ll be able to tighten up the first half of the paper before I leave on the 19th.

Of course I also need to nail down the other three lectures too, which are currently loosely constructed Keynote presentations with lots of ideas floating around in my head… That’s not entirely true, but since I won’t be reading them, I haven’t written them out. I’ll just need to make sure I have clear outlines for each one before I give them so that I don’t just blather on.

Words written: 1024 (a figure that now sticks in my head, since that’s the number of pixels across the horizontal axis of a Keynote slide…)


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