Today was a hectic day. It started out with a short but productive visit to the National Theatre archives, where I was on the hunt for pictures depicting the scenography of past productions of Ibsen’s Fruen fra havet. I found a few, and am having digital copies sent to me.

After that I had to take the train down to Ski to get my permanent residence permit. Since I live where I live, Ski is my administrative center rather than Oslo, but in order to get there on public transportation I have to go through Oslo. Go figure. At any rate, it is something of a personal triumph to finally have that permanent residence permit!

After that was in place, I had to go back into town and up to campus to take care of some editorial queries that I’d received about my article on Frobenius’ Teori og praksis, which is finally about to appear in the journal Scandinavian Studies. It’s been a really long wait for this one, so I’m very excited to see it in print!

Then there was some information I needed to send to my hosts on my upcoming guest lectures in London, and then a wave of panic as I realized how little time there is left until I’m actually there. I’m really not sure how I’m going to manage to pull together four lectures on four totally different topics at the scholarly level I want them to be at. I’ll be speaking about:

  • Fruen fra havet and Ibsen’s background in the Romantic theater (the argument being that some of what makes Fruen a problematic play today is that there are so many traces of the Romantic theater tradition in Ibsen’s conceptualization of the play–I’m hoping this may develop into a new article down the road)
  • André Bjerke’s De dødes tjern and Norwegian horror/psychological thriller/crime cinema (recent stuff from the cabin book, plus a non yet fully worked out side project)
  • Emplacing Ibsen’s Peer Gynt in the landscape (material from the Peer Gynt book)
  • Representations of cabins in Norwegian literature for a non-literary audience (summing up the cabin book)
I also have to give a lecture on Joakim Trier’s Reprise for one of our classes here right before my trip, so I’m beginning to think that getting any more direct book writing done this month is a pipe dream.

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