I seem to be having a terrible time focusing these past few days, and my momentum from last week has ground to a halt. I’ve been reading De dødes tjern intermittently and taking lots of notes, but have no writing as yet to speak of. I was reading it on the tram into work and ran into a colleague, who had a vague recollection of reading something about the book in the media fairly recently. As a result I did a search in Atekst and found a few recent articles that may be useful. My favorite quote is from an article published in Adresseavisen from 14 October 2010:

Siden «De dødes tjern» (1958) er det knapt en
hyttetur som har gått bra i norsk film.

Since I’m not making much progress on the writing end of things I took some time yesterday and today to finish up a couple of small but necessary tasks. I wrote up my peer review of an article submitted to a journal, and I corrected the proofs to my Trolljegeren article that will be out soon in Scandinavica.

Oh, and this morning I was part of a user study for the electronic edition of Henrik Ibsens Skrifter, which was kind of fun. Basically, I was recorded for an hour as I carried out certain tasks on the website. I was really glad to participate, as there are (in my view) some substantial weaknesses in the search functions available there. It was in a swanky research agency (not quite sure what to call it) with very hip design and employees. The funny thing was, the University of Oslo had two observers along for the project, and they were bosses from one and two levels above me. It was a little weird knowing that I was being observed by my bosses as I carried out (pseudo) research in my area of expertise. What if I got something really wrong? Also weird to be doing it in Norwegian, since I always get all stammery and nervous when I know I’m being recorded… Ah well, I think at least I gave them useful feedback.


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