Ugh, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere with my reading yesterday, so this morning I determined that I would just sit down and try to start writing. Amazingly, it seems to have worked. I set a goal of 1000 words on the chapter on cabin-related literature from the period 1930-1965, and I just reached it, only two hours later. Apparently I do have something to say about this topic!

I’m not going to push my luck, though. I’m going back to reading. What I wrote today was really only  for framing the chapter and the issues that will be explored. I’m going to have to go deep into the literary texts before I can start writing the analysis sections themselves. These are books I know really well, but it’s been a while since I’ve worked with them, and any way I’m now looking for different things in them…

Words written: 1005


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