Much to my surprise, I walked right into my office and sat down to start working on the dreaded final translation corrections as soon as I got home from dropping off my son at school. To my even greater surprise, I have just completed everything I can do here at home only three hours later. I’ll have to do one more round of finding some of the translations that are published (need to find them at the library first), and I’ll have to do a little bit more work responding to the content issues raised by the reviewers, and then one final round of proof-reading, but I’m getting really close to being able to resubmit the manuscript to the publisher.

I have to go in to campus tomorrow any way, so my goal is to do all the last translation clean up and as much of the content corrections as possible, then print it out so that I can start doing a really careful read through. It’s entirely possible that I might get this thing out of my hair by Wednesday. Hooray!


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