This morning I woke up with a very clear picture of what I needed to do on the Peer Gynt book today, and it looked nothing like what I outlined in yesterday’s post. I desperately needed a break from the minutia, so I went into campus to gather necessary materials for the expansion of the section on Ibsen’s early theater work and interest in national romantic comedies. It was super productive, and I was able to add a few key paragraphs to chapter 2 that contextualize and justify my discussion of those dreadful plays. I’ve got a bit more reading I want to do tomorrow (Ellen Karoline Gjervan’s Creating Theatrical Space from 2010), and I also need to write a speech for a work-related formal dinner on Friday. Since I’m getting very close to the 15 January deadline for resubmitting the manuscript to the publisher, I decided to be a realist and email the editor to say that I’ll probably be three days late. No response yet, but I am guessing it will go okay.

Words written: 432


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