I made it through doing the translation/citation corrects in the last bit of chapter 2 and all of chapter 3 by about 1:30 today, and I have to admit that the tedium of the work has my brain, eyes, neck, and mouse arm totally fried. I’m going to have to pace myself and aim for a chapter a day for the next two days, and then a third day for final clean up.

Much to my dismay, I discovered that I am not actually sure whether the parenthetical citations are supposed to remain in the  main body of the text, or whether they too go in the endnotes. It appears that I started out doing the latter, then for some reason switched to the former. So now I have to go back and look at a couple of recent books from this publisher to see what they did. And of course the books are both at my campus office rather than here at home. D’oh. Happily, I have to go into campus later this evening anyway for a conference call, so I’ll be able to check them then, and figure out what exactly to do.

I also did a little expanding and editing of my analysis in between the citation work, and in the back of my mind I’m trying to think about how to make the one or two more substantial changes suggested by the peer reviewers. I think what I’ll do now is take the rest of the afternoon to putter and skim some material I have (probably some articles in Den biografiske Ibsen and de Figureido’s Masken), and see if I can’t find something to say about one of them. All minutia and no analysis makes Ellen a dull scholar.

Words written: reduced by 225, mostly because of eliminating translations of non-literary texts. Added a paragraph of about 250 words.


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