Guilty work

It’s a weird feeling when you work hard all day, but still feel guilty at the end. Instead of getting down to work on the Peer Gynt revisions like I had planned, I decided to spend the day clearing the decks. On the ferry ride in to work today I managed to compile a really long list of administrative and teaching-related tasks, which I knew was going to make me antsy and distracted if I didn’t get them out of the way. I actually made it through the whole list, but the whole time there was this desperate little voice in the back of my head telling me that the manuscript revisions are way more important. But I also know it will be much easier to get them done now that (almost) everything else is out of the way for the next couple of weeks.

I also did a little short range strategizing on the cabin book. I put together my tally sheet for the number of pages for each chapter, and organized all the relevant files on my computer.

Even though all this is really helpful to me, I can’t help but feel like it’s just well-disguised, good old-fashioned procrastinating!


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