Getting reacquainted

Today I dove full force back into the cabin book. The task for today was to respond to the criticism on my analyses of Camilla Collett’s Amtmandens Døttre that I received from a colleague over the summer. I write about that novel in both of the first two chapters of the book, so I used today to go back over them for the first time in six months, and to change the citations source from a paper back edition to the first edition, which was a very tedious task. In the process I discovered one place where Collett appears to have added something important in a later revision, so I’m going to have to go and track that down.

All in all, the chapters are a little stronger after today’s session. I think they’re now in good enough shape that I can submit them as a writing sample in my application for the Ibsen position, which still has not been advertised. I’m trying not to fret about that, as the longer it takes, the better for me, tactically speaking. I’m going to have to move onto other things now.

Tomorrow my plan is to start in on the revisions on the Peer Gynt book. I have it printed out in a notebook, but for some reason I haven’t dared to look at it. Most of the revision will really just be inserting translations. That’s a task I can do more comfortably at my office at work than I can here at home. I also have some administrative tasks to get cleared away that can more easily be done there, , so I’ll probably be going to campus every day for the next week or so until all that is finished.

Words written: without really meaning to, I added 372 words to the two chapters combined.

ETA: I forgot to add a link to the webpage for the new collection of essays on Knut Hamsun that I co-edited together with three colleagues. The title is Knut Hamsun: Transgression and Worlding. All sixteen essays are in English, and the book also includes translations of two important essays written by Hamsun himself. We’re very hopeful that this book will spark more interest in Hamsun’s work abroad. It will be interesting to see what kind of response we get!



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