I’ve had to take what more or less amounts to a two-week hiatus from academic writing. I’ve been in the final push to finish off my teaching for the semester, I’ve had a flurry of personal activities related to my son’s school, my passport, and my residence permit, and if all that wasn’t enough of a distraction, two beloved elderly family members died in the past week.

Yesterday was the first day free from other tasks and concerns. I spent most of my time working on proposals for new research projects. A job that I want to apply for requires a description of future research plans. It’s actually a really interesting and challenging exercise.

Then this morning I received a response to my Peer Gynt manuscript from the publisher that is currently considering it for publication. There were two very thorough and carefully considered readers’ reports, both of which had a number of specific suggestions for improving the manuscript. The next step now is to lay out a revision plan that addresses each of the points raised. I’ll do the revising and resubmit the manuscript for further consideration. So I guess you could say that the email I got today was the second hoop (the first was having the editors send the manuscript out for review).

After drafting my revision plan (it was easy since the reviews were so well constructed), I spend most of today re-reading the manuscript itself. I have been completely dreading the thought of looking at it again, for fear of what I might find there. I wrote it in such an intense state of mind that I almost don’t remember the contents any more. So far, after reading the introduction and first two chapters, I am pleasantly surprised by what I’m finding. I think this is the book about Peer Gynt I always wished had been there to read when I was first getting acquainted with the text.


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