Writing today was torture. I have a debilitating headache, and pain creeping back into my neck. Clearly I need to take a step back and change some things.

That being the case, I had to adjust my expectations and do the minimum on the Byatt article. I did manage to push through to rough out that last nagging section (the Ibsen citations). As I had hoped, when I actually went back and looked at what quotations Byatt chooses to include, a pattern emerges. I’m hoping if I can take it easy today and let that rough draft simmer a bit, I’ll be able to improve it tomorrow during the stretch of writing time I have then. I’m sure there is a lot more to be said. The only other thing I did was go through and fix some more of the small rough spots (missing citations and end notes and the like). There’s not much more of that stuff left, and what there is can’t be done from home. At least now I know I have something that can count as a full draft for my WIP exchange partner by our self-imposed deadline tomorrow…

Words written: 674




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