Oneiric work

Most of my afternoon and all of my evening last night were rendered useless by a splitting headache, which left me feeling that I didn’t quite make it as far with what I had been working on as I would have liked. I didn’t reach any sort of clear conclusions, and felt I was just kind of flailing about in Byatt’s text.

This morning, though, I awakened at about five o’clock with a sudden clear vision of what it was I had been trying to say all day yesterday! I so love it when my subconscious does the work for me. I got up straight away and added those thoughts in. Now, suddenly the paper is starting to take on a structure and coherence that gives me hope that I can actually say something new and meaningful about The Biographer’s Tale.

Today was planned as a writing bust, since I have a bunch of commitments and no free stretchs of time, so the fact that I was able to squeeze in this super-productive early morning hour is incredibly gratifying. Now I can do the rest of the day’s work without feeling like I’m neglecting my writing.

Words written: only 314, but they make all the difference!



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