Pile up

I can’t believe I forgot to post yesterday, since it was a particularly productive day for me. Finally, through the generous help of a friend I managed to locate a handful of articles dealing with topics that touch upon postmortem photography. One of them in particular was exactly what I had been looking for:

  • Bruce, Susan. “Sympathy for the Dead: (G)hosts, Hostilities and Mediums in Alejandro Amenabar’s The Others and Postmortem Photography.” Discourse 27.2/3 (2005): 21-40

Really, that one article was all it took to pull together the “Corpse” section of my Byatt article. By the end of the day I had an acceptable full draft of that part of the analysis. Today I’m working on the “Corpus” section of the article. It’s pretty uninspiring and uninspired, and I’m having some trouble keeping focused as I do the rather tedious work of sorting through all the Ibsen citations in The Biographer’s Tale. But it has to be done, so I’ll keep plugging away and breaking it up with work on other tasks. I’ve got an MA thesis to read and evaluate before tomorrow, as well as two stacks of papers to grade by Monday that I’ve been avoiding. Not to mention a lecture on Gilles Deleuze (!) to prepare for next Wednesday. Gah, this feels like a dog pile of work pulling me in all kinds of different directions! Luckily I’ve just arranged with my regular critique partner to set our paper exchange for next Friday, which gives me some time to finish off the first draft without the need to really rush.

Words written: 1028 (yesterday) + 536 (today) = 1564


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