Big pond

I think I need a nap. I’ve been working on the Ibsen article all morning, and have made some headway, but now I think I’ve used up whatever creative energy I had. I’ve written myself into corners in all the places I was working on in the article, and I’ll have to get some fresh perspective and new secondary sources before I can push ahead.

The other thing I did was look into some options for where to submit this. I decided to narrow down my criteria to the following: 1) a journal that is ranked at level 2 in the Norwegian bean-counting system (that garners you 3 points instead of the measly 1 you get for a level 1 journal publication), 2) a journal that requires MLA citation style, and 3) a non-Scandinavianist journal (in other words, not Edda or Ibsen Studies), since this is really an article about an English-language novel. I came up with the following journals:

All are a bit scary considered from my cozy little specialist corner. I’ve always been kind of intimidated by the huge field of English literature, which I’m sure is why I decided to apply for a Ph.D. program in Scandinavian instead. The field of English seems so sharp and pointy, and it’s a Much Bigger Pond than the one I’m in.

Words written: 1026


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