I’ve been plugging away at the book review, but it isn’t going very well so I haven’t posted. As I feared in my last post, the thing swelled up into gargantuan proportions (2200 words at the moment). Today I finally decided I just needed to muscle through and get it all down, and then spend some time next week getting it into shape. I’ll set aside two half days. A colleague has agreed to read it through, so I’m hoping that will give me the perspective I’m desperately lacking.

Since this is the beginning of a new month, I’ve been taking stock of my research goals. My main goal for this month is to get a draft of the “representing Ibsen” article together. Next week I don’t have any teaching duties, so my plan is to write, write, write as much as humanly possible. I need to go to the library on Monday to pick up some more secondary sources, but other than that I can work from home the whole week.

The only other thing I have scheduled besides teaching is to co-write a chapter for a textbook my department is putting together. My two collaborators don’t have time to work on it until the end of the month, so I’m not stressing about it, but I should really give it at least some thought.

But suddenly, I’m feeling like my plate isn’t too full after all, and actually starting to think about the cabin project with positive thoughts! It doesn’t hurt that my article in the multidisciplinary anthology of research on cabin culture in Norway just came out. It’s always motivating to see work appear in print. What I think I’ll do as a symbolic jump start for getting back into the cabin book is to read Niels Fredrik Dahl’s I fjor sommer, which may work for the final chapter that’s going to be about the contemporary period.

I also did get an official invitation to do a “visiting professor” stint at University College London next term. I’m so excited about the chance to exchange ideas with a new group of people, and maybe strengthen connections between UCL and UiO within my field a bit. Plus, how fun is a week in London? I’m trying to come up with a project that would allow me to make use of some resources that are only available there. Not really sure what that would be, but maybe reading Tore Rem’s work on the British reception of Ibsen will spark something? I’ve been meaning to look at the book he edited, Henry Gibson/Henrik Ibsen, forever. It’s such a great opportunity that I want to make the most out of it.


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