Taking shape

Today was a relatively productive day. I read through three articles on Byatt and actually ended up doing quite a bit of writing. I worked on the theory section, trying to link biographic metafiction to reception theory. I ended up using Jon Helt Haarder’s notion of biographic irreversibility as a link, which was kind of a surprise. That section still needs a lot of work, and I may end up using some of the Foucault material (“What is an Author?”) that I also relied on in the Sandel article.

I also started in on the section on Næss’ Sensommer. Didn’t get all that much done, but I did explore the opening section of the novel, where the narrator describes two photographs, and linked it to the exploration of the material bodies of the characters in the rest of the novel.

I did also get those pesky discussion questions for my MA students written and uploaded, so now I can face the weekend with a clear conscience.

I have to admit that I had a really hard time focusing on work today, though. I kept popping in and out of social media sites and jumping up to do things around the house. SO frustrating!

Words written: 1047


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