Small work

Some days the work I do feels very small. Today was one of those days–such a pittance that it hardly seems worth reporting. I spent most of the morning revising the Sandel article. It was piddling work, but needed to be done despite the fact that the publication won’t “count” for anything. By noonish It was ready to be sent along to a colleague who kindly agreed to proofread the Norwegian for me. And then there was that kind of empty, aimless feeling I get whenever I finish something. Thankfully I was just asked to review three PhD proposals by Friday, so I had something pressing to keep me focused for the rest of the afternoon.

Tomorrow I have basically the whole day for working on the Ibsen article. The only other thing I have to do is write up a set of discussion questions for my MA students for monday’s class. I’ve got a bunch of secondary literature on Byatt to get through, and the Dahl play to start reading. Any writing that happens to get done is pure bonus…


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