Yesterday after teaching and most of today I’ve been working on a short article that I was asked to write for a the student-run literary journal, Bøygen. Their next issue focuses on “impure” texts by women writers (in other words, texts that problematize the relationship between fact and fiction). Apparently someone suggested that they ask me for a piece on Cora Sandel.

I was never really satisfied with the chapter I wrote on the biographies written about Sandel in the book I published last year, so I decided to revise that fairly substantially as my submission. It’s coming together, though it still needs some theoretical finessing. I’ve been building pretty heavily on Foucault’s “What is an Author?” (though of course there is a lot of other theoretical perspectives I could have used). I’m not quite sure if it exactly fits with what the editors are aiming for:

Vi ønsker med dette nummeret å utforske skillelinjene mellom fiksjon og levd liv. Hvor går grensa mellom roman og selvbiografi? Og hva har dette å si for fiksjonen? I dette nummeret vil vi ha et hovedfokus på kvinnelige forfattere, men er åpne for andre interessante bidrag.

I’ll be very interested to hear what they think when I submit it in the next week or so. I have 3760 words so far. I worked on it until lunch today, but since I sort of reached an impasse I decided to switch to working on the Ibsen paper instead. I finally finished reading Atle Næss’ Sensommer, which turns out to be a very strange novel indeed. I’m now going to read more in de Figueiredo’s Ibsen biography to cleanse my palate as it were before picking up Dahl’s Henrik og Emilie.


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