The end is in sight

‘Twas another intense day of revisions today. This round was mostly about tightening up the analysis section so that it relates more directly and clearly to the theoretical framework. I make a lot of different observations about the texts, and I’ve tried to be ruthless about eliminating anything that is tangential. There is at least one “darling” that I’m not yet ready to kill. I’ve looked at it three or four times knowing that it’s not really relevant, but I can’t quite bear to delete it…yet.

I think my contextualization of all the quotations is more robust too, so I’m getting closer to being finished. I fleshed out the conclusion a bit more this evening, and will look it over tomorrow to see if I can still stand behind it.

For tomorrow I just need to read and contextualize one more book on Fosse and find a couple of missing translations, and along with a good proofread that should be it. I am, however, going to have a friend read it through just because, and then send it off to the journal.

As I was leaving work today I got word that my Bjørnson article is accepted for the Bjørnson article collection (based on last year’s conference) that is being edited. Good news, and they seemed to really like my analysis, though they think it’s too short. I asked if there were specific things they wanted me to expand and they just said they want “more of the same”–flattering, but kind of hard to work from that! The deadline is the middle of August, and I got the impression that if I don’t manage to expand the paper it’s not the end of the world.


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