I just googled “10,000” to see whether there were any cool names for that number, and learned that “myriad” actually means 10,000. I thought it just meant “lots.” The whole point is that I passed the important myriad threshold on chapter 2 this morning, as I finished off the Wergeland section.

Even though I’m eight pages short of the 40-page goal, I think I’m going to call it finished, at least temporarily so. I doubt I’m going to be able to go any further with it unless I add another text, which I don’t have. At this point, it will probably be more productive to move onto the next chapter, where I have a lot of material to work with, than to get bogged down in this one, which is probably always going to be the weakest of the project, no matter what. It’s been so long since I looked at my full book outline that I can’t even really remember what the focus of chapter 3 is, so it will take some time to reorient myself in the material.

ETA: I think I’m going to drop the Biedermeier raptus from last week, or at least put it in indefinite time out. It turns out to be a bigger problem than I thought, and though I’d still like to tackle it, it’s going to have to wait until I’m further along with the cabin book.

WORDS WRITTEN: 383 for a grand total of 10,051

EATA: I really wanted to get at least a symbolic start on chapter 3 today, rather than putting it off until tomorrow. So, even though it’s meager and weak, and will probably be jettisoned, I’ve now got 243 words down. Yay!


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