Back to the grind

I forced myself to take a break from the Romanticism/Biedermeier thing this weekend. I had some reading to do for something entirely unrelated, which I got through, and then this afternoon I took a little window of time  while the family was away to reconnect with chapter 2 of the cabin book. I reoriented myself in the chapter, and added a few little bits here and there. Most of the bulk came from adding what I had on Scribe the section on Collett‘s Amtmandens Døttre. I’ve made it onto the top of page 29, and I now know specifically what I need to do to finish out the analysis bits: I need to get Wergeland’s article on the homes of the working class, which he published in his journal For Arbeiderklassen sometime in the early 1840s. To be honest, I didn’t know that the phrase “working class” was in use in Norway in the 1840s, so it will be interesting to read his “edifying” writings for the workers. Seems pretty darned patronizing if you ask me…



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