Progress, of sorts

I finished off reading the introductory chapters to the books by Nemoianu and Aarseth that more or less form the core of the analysis I’m trying to make of Norwegian literature 1814-1848 in relation to Biedermeier. I still feel on very shaky ground, but a few things fell into place while writing today, and a rudimentary article form is starting to materialize in the roughly five pages I have now. Did I mention that I’m writing it in Norwegian? Always a challenge, though easier and easier the more I live and work here. I was not as convinced today that I really have something to say about this “problem,” which yesterday seemed so blindingly important, obvious, and overlooked. I had a critical voice droning on in my head almost the whole time I wrote today. I hate that, but sometimes it does keep one from making really big bloopers.



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