>This morning I was able to wallow in potential texts for inclusion in chapter two. Which is to say I downloaded searchable  PDFs of first editions of important early nineteenth-century poetry collections and other works, and poked around for references to cabins. Rather unexpectedly, I was reminded of a Wergeland text that I taught last year, “Endelig slaaer ogsaa min Klokke” from Hassel-Nødder, which gives a wonderful account of Wergeland’s search for a cabin to buy. It fits perfectly with his play Fjeldstuen, which is the key Wergeland text in this chapter. I added a section on that, and I also added a little bit to the section on Herre. During a break with a colleague I was able to talk the Wergeland bit over, and was reminded of the term Biedermeier, which is big in Danish romanticism but not Norwegian. I’m now wondering if it applies to Wergeland in any meaningful way.

Finally, I also made a library run and got a bunch of articles on Romanticism and the authors I’m working on. I read an article by Henning Wærp on ruins, an article on Scandinavian romantic drama, an article on the nineteenth-century critical reception of Maurits Hansen, and an article on Bernhard Herre’s position in the Norwegian canon. Next up is what I think will be a very important secondary source, namely Odd Arvid Storsveen’s article on Wergeland’s views on class: “Håpet om folkets oppvåkning: Fra For Almuen til For Arbeiderklassen.” I’m particularly excited to read that one.

After today’s session, I’m thinking that I may actually have enough primary texts, now that I’ve added Hassel-Nødder. My guess is that all the contextualization that I’m getting from the secondary sources will easily fill the rest of the chapter.



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