>I’m in shock! I woke up this morning early feeling obligated to push a little further on the Herre section of chapter two. I started working my way through the last of the three narratives I’m going to discuss, “Skogene,” and as I started writing about it things quickly started to fall into place. I took a break and took a shower, and as so often happens I had a moment of clarity where I was suddenly able to see the conceptual differences between the shielings I wrote about in chapter one and the cabins I’m writing about in chapter two. Suddenly it all makes sense. I sat back down and wrote out the beginnings of a conclusion to chapter two where I try to sum up these important conceptual differences. I’m so excited! I’m also excited about the fact that through the course of all this I produced a bunch more text, and am now on page 25.

Next up is to read the scant secondary literature on Herre and look at the poetry that I mentioned in my previous post. That can wait until Monday. For now my work here is done, and it’s only 9am!



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