>Friday the 13th

>Today I had about six hours of work time to divide between some administrative work, a job application letter, and chapter two. Contrary to my usual practice of doing research first, I did the administrative stuff first, then the job letter, and left the writing to last. It worked out okay, though I was pretty uninspired about writing initially. Or rather, it’s not so much that I was uninspired as out of practice. Once I got going it went okay, though nothing stellar. I started filling out the section on Bernhard Herre’s En Jægers Erindringer, which turns out to be a little pearl of a book. Three of the stories directly link class and cabins. The secondary literature says that they were pretty heavily redacted by Welhaven and Asbjørnsen before publication, which really makes me want to go to the National Library and take a look at the original manuscripts, if they’re there. I’ll try to do that Thursday or Friday next week.

I still feel like I’m missing a text for the chapter. I’m thinking that there are two areas I can look: one is more of the early material to fill in around Storm. My old master list of cabin texts includes a Poul Juel book from 1721 (already in the introductory section of this chapter), two poems by Johan Nordahl Brun (“Den norske Agerdyrkning” and “Den gamle Nordmand eller Gjenlyd fra Norge &c.”), and a poem by Claus Frimann called “Jetersang” (1790). The other option is the poetry and travel writing of J.S. Welhaven.



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