>Little steps

>I’m not quite as down on this chapter as I was yesterday after today’s session. It still has some really big holes, and it feels a bit like “å koke suppe på en spiker” but a few things fell into place, at least. Although Vinje doesn’t stay at or write about cabins at length, it was worth reading the book for his references to Scribe and to Maurits Hansen’s “Luren,” a reference I discovered toward the end of the book today. I added a paragraph on each point in the appropriate sub-chapters (didn’t keep track of how many words). I may also end up adding a reference or two to Ferdaminni to the seter chapter, since Vinje is all about the seter girls…

I skimmed Bernhard Herre’s En Jægers Erindringer today, and found some material that I may be able to use, including the short story “Carl,” which has the distinction of taking place here where I live.

Finally, I photocopied nine articles on Hansen and started reading them. A few points are starting to crystalize, and thankfully they relate directly to my theme of class identity and national identity. And I discovered that the book on Hansen that I don’t have (the Tysdahl book as opposed to the Øyslebø book) offers a new reading of Hansen’s use of class as far more problematic than previous scholars have recognized. That’s great for me, as I will then be able to build further on Tysdahl (who is a lovely gentleman, by the way) consciously in my analysis. And finally, I noted in passing a comparative point that I may want to write an article about in the future, especially since it looks like no one has analyzed it thoroughly (hush hush, this one…).    

WORDS WRITTEN: I dunno, maybe 200?


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