>Quick and dirty

>I totally didn’t expect to get anything done today, since I had to stay home with my son. Surprisingly, he was willing to play on his own in his room for a good long stretch, so I was able to sketch out the section on Asbjørnsen’s “Reensdyrjagt ved Ronderne.” Still lots to do (everywhere in this chapter, actually), but at this point I’m just desperately filling in the major blanks.

This chapter doesn’t feel nearly as strong as the one on the seter, which is kind of a bummer. I really think I need another text or two, and I don’t really know what that could be. One idea is Bernhard Herre’s En Jægers Erindringer from 1849, but I’m afraid that one actually has more to do with the seter chapter (one of the stories is called “Sæterpigen og Jægeren”…). I’ll have to go back to my master list of cabin texts. Or maybe check out some of Welhaven’s poetry? Gulp… I’m not even half way through the chapter (only onto page 15 out of a planned 40). Of course I haven’t referred at all to secondary literature as yet, so I’ll have to go in and insert any relevant analyses I can find.

No writing for a while, as I’m going to have to get through 200 more pages of Vinje’s Ferdaminni frå Sumaren 1860 first.



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