>Really struggling to pick up momentum after a “real” Easter break and then overseas conference attendance. Today I squeezed under an hour of working on chapter two in between teaching and administrative duties. It wasn’t even real writing, just cut and paste. I took most of the material on Wergeland’s Fjeldstuen from my Peer Gynt book to use as a starting point for the new chapter section on that play. I’ll need to rework it quite a bit. For starters I added a few sentences about the play’s literary historical significance (it’s the last long work Wergeland wrote) and I noticed a strong parallel to the class dynamic in Hansen’s “Luren,” which is probably the most important text for this chapter. So I managed to confirm that it is indeed appropriate to be using this play in the chapter.

There are two more sections (I think) to add before I can start filling out the entire chapter: one on Asbjørnsen’s “Reensdyrjagt ved Ronderne” and one on Vinje’s Ferdaminni frå sumaren 1860. The Asbjørnsen section should be pretty straightforward, but the problem with the Vinje section is that I haven’t even finished reading the text yet, so I’m not even sure it will work!

I forgot to record how many words I added. The document grew from 7 to 10 pages.


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