Done as dinner

I spent four hours today working on my conference paper on Trolljegeren, and I think I’m calling it done. I actually spent a lot of time on it yesterday, but that was mostly just reading articles and the Asma book, re-watching the film, and taking careful notes. Today, though, I wrote. I had four pages (1086 words) from my writing session last week, and now I’ve reached the bottom of page eight, which is pretty much the limit for a 20-minute conference paper for me. I think it came together really well, and I’m looking forward to putting together the slide show to accompany the talk. I have tons of still shots to choose from. The film continues to crack me up, and for me at least it functions very well on a bunch of levels. The comedian Otto Jespersen, who can be a total asshole in his satire, is spot-on brilliant in the roll of Hans the troll hunter. He makes the entire film.

I’m sure I’ll do a little more tinkering between now and the conference, but it sure is a relief to have this squared away. My next two tasks are US tax returns and my job application, and then it’s back to the cabin book and chapter two.

Words written: 1683

ETA: Yikes, that has to be a record: three days of work for a conference paper?! Surely there’s something wrong here.


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