Today I added one tiny quote from the Hult book, which bumped me onto the fortieth page of chapter 1. I really can’t believe it, so I’ll let it stew for a while while I move on to other things.

My main task today was to get started on my Trolljegeren paper for the upcoming SASS conference. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to get much done because a good friend who is in town wanted to have a writing boot camp together. I booked a meeting room for the day, and since we get kind of wound up and chatty when we’re together I didn’t think it would actually be productive. Much to my delight, I did get a good solid start on the paper, and also spent some time going through the film looking for stills to show in the presentation.

I’ll be working from home tomorrow for the first time in a long time and I’m really excited to do that. All my commuting has been wearing me out. If I’m lucky I won’t be out of my PJs at all. I still think I do my best work that way.

WORDS WRITTEN: 1054 on the conference paper, and maybe 50-75 on the chapter (I forgot to check).


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