>Chapter draft

>I’m calling the first full draft of chapter 1 done! I was able to go through and make all the corrections and changes I had scribbled down on my chapter print out a few days ago, and, moreover, was able to add a significant amount to the section on Asbjørnsen. I know I need to add some secondary literature there (specifically Marte Hvam Hult’s book, which I’m off to borrow again), but basically the chapter is done. I am ecstatic!

I now have to turn my attention to a conference paper, which I’m giving myself about 10 days to write up, then it’s on to chapter two and Maurits Hansen, Henrik Wergeland, Asbjørnsen (again), Collett (again), and possibly Vinje, though I really need to read Ferdaminni fraa Sumaren 1860 first in order to make a decision about whether to include it!! I can already feel that many of those bits are going to fall into place pretty easily, so I’m quite excited about it. My self-imposed deadline for this chapter is 1 June.

WORDS WRITTEN: 1407 for a grand chapter draft total of 11,867 words or 39 pages.


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